1. Enter the Eko Inn card number.

2. If the card exists and you have used Eko-inn services at least once, a window will appear with the card balance and the possibility to top up the card balance.

3. To top up the card, select the amount and click "Pay". At that time, you will be directed to the bank, pay there, and after successful payment, you will return to the system, where it will be written that the payment is in progress.

4. When the order is processed and the card top-up was successful, you must go to the Eko-inn terminal and insert the card for top-up.

5. After waiting a few seconds after inserting the card in the cash register, the card should be topped up.


Note: If you have made several payments, the checkout can process only one latest order at a time. After one top-up, the card should be inserted again after waiting at least 2 minutes after the last top-up.


If you have any questions, contact: +37067707073 or